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Spanish Food

About us

Lola’s Restaurant

Lola's is truly authentic Spanish food, with a twist, in New Orleans. We are a local restaurant in the Mid-City area serving traditional Spanish dishes that have influenced the local Creole cuisine for decades.

On June 19th, 1994, Angel Miranda opened his restaurant, Lola's, in a beautiful Mid City location. Since then, Lola's has been proudly serving the people of New Orleans a taste of true Spanish cuisine. People often confuse Spanish food with Latin American food, but beyond a shared language the two regions do not have much in common in their cuisine.

With so much of Spain surrounded by water, the majority of the country is considered to have a Mediterranean diet. Fish and seafood are dietary staples, but wild game and pork are popular as well. The principal spices used in Spanish food are garlic, saffron, and paprika, so while the food is flavorful, it is not spicy. You will be able to taste the influence that Spanish food has had on Creole cuisine. We encourage you to sample many different items on the menu and hope that you will enjoy them and return.